Taylor Swift calls security again for fans in need |  RTL Street

Taylor Swift calls security again for fans in need | RTL Street

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Taylor Swift, 34, briefly interrupted her concert in Dublin on Friday evening because she was worried about someone in the audience. The singer briefly stopped singing her song “Willow” to call security, and can be seen on social media.

“This guy needs a little help,” Taylor shouted, pointing to someone at the back of the crowd at the Aviva Stadium. “Thank you.”

It is not known what happened to the fan. When security guards rushed in that direction, Taylor resumed her performance.

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At the beginning of this month, Taylor temporarily stopped her concert in Edinburgh, Scotland. Even then, a fan was needed from the audience. Fortunately, he quickly made up for it. This was certainly not the first time the singer canceled her concert due to audience conditions. For example, at a previous concert in France this year, she pointed out in French to security guards who had gone unwell.

Taylor knows exactly how to reach her fans and make them hysterically happy:

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