Talpa cannot confirm the end of Today Inside |  TV

Talpa cannot confirm the end of Today Inside | TV

Johan Dirksen, Wilfried Jenny and Rene van der Geep abruptly stopped presenting at the end of April after a storm of angry reactions over Dirksen’s confession. A football analyst said he hacked an unconscious woman with a candle fifty years ago. He later said he exaggerated the story a bit. However, the Public Prosecution opened an investigation and many of the sponsors withdrew. After all the hype, the trio no longer wanted to continue the program.

The riots showed parallels with a similar incident in June 2020. Many people then fell for a funny comment made by Dirksen about Zwarti Peet and rapper Aquasi. Then Dirksen also said that he no longer wanted to participate in the program. However, he declared in his autobiography that John de Mol, Talpa’s boss, kept him on his contract. The Talpa Network does not want to explain the question of whether this is also happening after the wax riots.

Talba also does not want to confirm whether the program Today inside Definitely stops. The program’s social media channels are still running. According to Talpa, the company is doing it “for the fans.” The news that appears on the site and the pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube revolve mainly around football news and the riots surrounding the programme.

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