Taliban leader Baradar the new president of Afghanistan

Taliban leader Baradar the new president of Afghanistan

This is what several sources within the Taliban tell Reuters. Today they will announce their government. Mullah Muhammad Yaqub, son of Mullah Omar and Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanekzai, will assume senior positions. “Mullah” is a religious title given to someone who is seen as an expert in the Islamic faith.

military strategist

Baradar is a familiar face of the Islamic fundamentalist organization. Before 2001, when they also controlled most of Afghanistan, he was a military strategist for the Taliban and managed to achieve important victories.


When the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001, Baradar fled to Pakistan. There he was arrested by Pakistani security forces in 2010, based on a tip from the CIA. In 2018, he was released at the request of the United States and participated in peace negotiations with the Americans in Qatar as the top political leader on behalf of the Taliban.

Baradar is known as a calm and diplomatically powerful leader. He is considered a liberal within the Taliban. What that means in concrete terms for the Afghan population who must now live under Taliban rule is not yet clear.

Supreme Commander

Just because Baradar is the boss now doesn’t mean he’s in complete control. All are subject to the “Supreme Guide” of the Taliban: Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada. It is not currently known where Akhundzadeh lives, but he is known to be a militant within the movement. As a judge, he issued many rulings under Sharia, such as amputations and public executions. Akhundzada will also deal with the religious frameworks of legislation within this government.

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