T-Mobile pairs with SpaceX for 100% coverage

T-Mobile pairs with SpaceX for 100% coverage

SpaceX has partnered with T-Mobile in the US to guarantee 100 percent coverage. The space agency is looking for global telecommunications partners.

Last night, the parties announced cooperation in the United States. The first fruits should ripen by the end of next year. In that case, in areas where there is no telecom coverage, satellite coverage is available over the phone anyway. This applies to all current devices.

One caveat in this first phase is that users can only send text messages via broadband satellites. “And if no one else, a short video,” explains Elon Musk. The tech entrepreneur teamed up with T-Mobile US boss Mike Sievert to deliver the alliance.

Sievert has invited other telcos inside and outside the US to roam around with its frequency spectrum (a small slice of the midband PCS spectrum). This means that everyone can reach everywhere without big tricks or investments behind the scenes.

“Eventually there will be voice and data,” the telecom boss said. Musk: “Also in territorial waters.”

Links from space have been established through second generation satellites Star connection, a subsidiary of SpaceX. Those space nodes have extra large antennas so they can transmit signals directly to Earth, including mobile phones.

SpaceX is calling International telecommunications providers should cooperate so that they can provide coverage in what are still considered empty spaces.

T-Mobile costs zero dollars on the most expensive plan for the extra range. Other pricing details are yet to be announced.

Satellite internet provider Starlink has slashed subscription prices for fixed internet customers in the Netherlands and Belgium in recent days. First they gave one hundred euros. That There will be 85 euros per month.

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