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Microsoft SwiftKey beta app has been given the ability to store and sync copied text with other devices via Cloud Clipboard. This allows copying and pasting between Android devices and Windows PCs.

cloud clipboard It has been around for some time for Windows 10, which can be turned on in the clipboard settings by choosing Sync between Windows 10 devices. The SwiftKey beta version also allows you to sync copied text to your Android device.

Users must have version of SwiftKey beta The installation, which runs separately from the file SwiftKey App, which also makes it possible to save the copied text for later use. Users must be signed in with their Microsoft account in the app and in Windows to use this feature.

Samsung Already a similar feature It allowed users to link their clipboard history to Windows, but currently the beta version of SwiftKey is the only way to sync clipboard contents directly with Windows on other Android devices. There are many third-party apps that claim to have this feature, but they are not affiliated with Microsoft. This feature is not yet included in the SwiftKey app for iOS, and there is no beta app for iOS.

Cloud Clipboard remembers text saved for an hour and shows the last copied text in the SwiftKey text bar as a suggestion. Copied clipboard text is encrypted and will not be associated with the user’s Microsoft account, Writes the latest Windows. It is also possible in SwiftKey beta to disable the feature and not save copied text to the clipboard history.

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Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard took over in 2016, which uses artificial intelligence to learn from users’ typing behavior to provide better word predictions than regular keyboard apps. Microsoft said at the time of the acquisition that it would continue to develop the app. SwiftKey Added in 2018 As a default keyboard in a build test of Windows 10, but this feature has not been ported to the user version of Windows.


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