Sven Nys holds his breath: “The World Cup every week is a killer for the cross”

Monday, December 12, 2022 at 1:38 PM

It’s no secret that Sven Nys is not in favor of the current Cyclocross World Cup setup. The regularity classification has fourteen rounds this year, which is quite a lot according to the cyclocross icon. In response to the small number of participants at the World Cup in Dublin, Nys op Twitter criticize him again.

“Dublin World Cup was amazing. Beautiful location and absolutely fantastic atmosphere,” Nys began positively in his tweet on Sunday, but then moved into the attack. “If we also make sure that there are only eight World Cups, the federations and riders will surely come. Now the other countries are staying at home. WB every week is deadly for our sport.” The Baloise Trek Lions manager added to his tweet a photo showing the number of participants in Dublin: 27 for women and 39 for men. This resulted in a meager 66 starters in total.

On Monday, after the Netherlands announced they were going to the Val di Sole World Cup with a small group, Nys sent another message to the world. “Does anyone think this is going completely wrong? I’m holding my breath for the number of participants next week.”

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