Sven Cockleman should have his own talk show |  Entertainment

Sven Cockleman should have his own talk show | Entertainment

Sven She stood alone because Thalithah On Saturday, she indicated that she would stop submitting in Op1, because the conditions Kro-Ncrv imposed on her were inconsistent with her “professional and personal values.”

Viewers who have tweeted about it seem to not mind Sven was alone this time. Someone enthusiastically writes on the social mediator: “Sven Cockleman on # op1npo tonight shows why he should have his own talk show, one without co-moderator, pits it against # op1 #Beau or #jinek and is guaranteed to get the best opinion / appreciation. I say do !! ”, and another tweet: “Tonight we saw again that Sven Cockleman is 10 times better alone than all of these duo combined. Go deeper and not be interrupted by a co-presenter who also wants to ask for something nice. # On 1.” he says Brett Decker in response to another tweet he likes to watch Sven as the presenter. He said “I’m also a SVEN fan, Sven, Sven should be the best” Brett.

It is unclear if this is the 51-year-old announcer’s last broadcast after NPO previously announced that it was halting Sunday’s release of the talk show.

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