Suspicious Specifications Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Comes Out – Tablets and Phones – News

After the disaster my girlfriend had with the Fold3, I completely recovered from foldable and foldable phones.

When she bought it (2000 euros!) there were no cases yet, so she had to wait two weeks to get one from China. Sure enough, in those two weeks I dropped him from a height of 20 cm and unfortunately, there was a nap in the back. But do not worry, everything went perfectly.

Then it happened. Strange strange spots on the big screen. I brought it back to the store and they said it was “normal”. It will not interfere with screen operation. However, they thought it was a waste of scamming on the back of an expensive phone, so she was put away. okay, no problem.

Suddenly she opened her phone in the morning and the big screen stopped working. There was a large crack in the middle. And also I felt well.…F-8006-B9-D276077-B40.jpg…ACF7-5-A84-C7-B14-A84.jpg

She takes it to the store. Because the guarantee, right? But no, the warranty is flatly refused because it is now coming due to snoozing on the back of the other screen †

And so she goes back to her S9 and her Fold3 is stuck and she’s not entitled to anything.

So much for Samsung and its policies with foldable junk.

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