Surprise at the “censorship” surrounding Linda de Mol at the press day Gooische Vrouwen |  RTL Street

Surprise at the “censorship” surrounding Linda de Mol at the press day Gooische Vrouwen | RTL Street

Since Jeroen was mentioned in the soundScandalously, his love affair with Linda is a thorny issue. After Jeroen admitted his inappropriate behavior, Linda announced that they were ending their long-term relationship. However, rumors about them getting back together still persist.

So everyone wants to know what’s really going on between the two, but Linda absolutely doesn’t want to make any statements about it. Also during the press day Juish Fruin, a new season of which will be released this fall, and she didn’t want to say anything about it. In fact, all the questions journalists wanted to ask Linda had to be approved in advance by her manager, says Rob.

A reporter was also assigned to ask Linda questions. “We at RTL Boulevard said, ‘We’re not in that,’” says Rob. Bridget adds: “That’s not even the case with the royal family, is it? You can still ask the question yourself.”

According to Jermaine, Xenia Kasper, Linda’s manager, “answered the questions with a red pen.” “I think that just makes it an oversight. You decide not to ask certain questions. Linda, of course, knows very well that a press day like this also includes these kinds of questions.”

Bridget also thinks it’s “weird”, although she can imagine Linda doesn’t want a lot of questions about her private life. “But actually hiring someone who would ask all the questions that were presented…” “And that’s why we didn’t go,” Rob continues.

It is also unclear how Jeroen is doing. He is known to make new music Juish Fruin-series. “That’s great,” Rob says. Jermaine realizes that this is Jeroen’s mission.

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You can listen to the episode of The BLVD Podcast below.

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