Suriname blocks illegally harvested wood for China |  Financial issues

Suriname blocks illegally harvested wood for China | Financial issues

It is another logging case, after authorities have also tracked down limbs of illegally felled trees in recent years.

Suriname authorities are alarmed by the hunting by the Forest Management and Forestry Stewardship Corporation and the “flying brigade” set up by President Santokhi: All containers have been sealed in Sydney’s Joule Port in Suriname, which is only for customs.


“This indicates that several circles are involved in this illegal activity that has been occurring for years,” the local newspaper Waterkant said.

Forty out of a hundred containers had opened in the past day, and were filled with harvested wood. The rest is now being investigated.

The price of wood is at an all-time high, and the demand for treated wood is high worldwide.

According to De Ware Tijd, Suriname prosecutors are investigating the origin of the logging. Employees of several government departments are suspected of being involved in the timber fraud, as the parties cannot leave the port without their control.

Local media reported some threats against customs officers and the Flying Brigade during the inspections. They receive a threatening call not to investigate.

Interior cheated

According to this flying brigade corresponding to the ABC channel, less is often declared on customs documents than it is actually shipped for export.

According to Surinamese media, the Chinese businessman who wanted to export wood is now the prime suspect.

In 2018, a German TV crew revealed how Surinamese timber is being sent to China at below market price, which will mainly harm the inner population.

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