Super Mario copes with Italian situations

Super Mario copes with Italian situations

Mario Draghi has been given the daunting task of driving Italy out of Italy economically. ‘Super Mario’ has been given a Cordo Blanche by the Italian parliament, but behind the scenes Matteo Salvini of the Leca party is already heating up to take the place of Tracy. Bernard Hummelberg talks to Arthur Weststein, a historian and Italian expert at the University of Utrecht.

Super Mario copes with Italian situations

Mario Draghi, Italy’s new Prime MinisterEPA / ETTORE FERRARI / POOL

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The struggle of the Japanese at the Olympics

Tokyo could finally host this year’s Olympics after a year-long delay, but the Japanese people are not waiting for that. Eighty percent of all citizens no longer watch sports, and 70 percent of Japanese companies believe they want to cancel these ‘corona games’. Meanwhile, former Olympian Seiko Hashimoto has been appointed to save the Games in Tokyo, but has the delay still been canceled? Guest Radboud Molizn, Director of Global Bridges and Japanese Visitor.

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Postma in the United States

President Biden launched a public relations campaign to garner support for his $ 1.9 billion Corona aid program, but it was mostly former President Trump who managed to attract attention. Trump broke the silence on the death of radio presenter Rush Limbaugh and called Fox News. Trump, meanwhile, insists he won last year’s election. US Correspondent John Postma joins the latest news.

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