Ruben d'Hollosy gaat twee jaar naar Olivet Nazarene University in Chicago om te voetballen en studeren (Foto: RTV Oost / Ruud Dilling)

Studying and playing soccer in America: ‘My mom hopes I’ll come back’

Robben plays football at a high level in Quick ’20 in Oldenzaal and plays at Saxion in Enschede. The study of Business Administration will be completed by a second year student in America. “Playing football is something I like to do, but my studies are also important. It’s very common in America to combine the two. I also want to improve my English and gain new experiences. Good on your CV.”

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Paul de Kooning of KingsTalent has made contacts between Robin University and Olivet Nazarene University. “Studying in America easily costs around 45,000 euros a year. If you are good at a sport, you can cut costs significantly or even get paid with a scholarship.”

KingsTalent trains about a hundred students annually who play sports and study in America. “Especially hockey, volleyball, swimming and football. Students can play sports every day and see a lot of the country because they are often on their way to the games. They are on campus and often make lifelong friends.”

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Few of them exist, but most students return after their studies and are highly sought after in the Dutch business community. “Not only do they speak fluent English, but the American adventure also says something about the student’s perseverance and personality.”

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Robin laughs when asked what he will do in America after his studies. “My mother is very supportive of me, but she hopes that I will come back and not get stuck with an American.”

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