Storming the Capitol prevented Biden from becoming president

Storming the Capitol prevented Biden from becoming president

Trump supporters storm the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021.Statue of Jose Luis Magana / AP

Proud boy Charles Donohue, 34, of North Carolina is teaming up with the American justice system, hoping for a lighter sentence: at least six years instead of at least eight.

In December 2020, Donohoe was appointed by Proud Boys president, Enrique Tarrio, to the “Ministry of Self Defense,” a group tasked with preparing for the storming of the Capitol. “Donohoe believes that by storming the Capitol, the group will achieve its objective and prevent the government from handing over presidential power,” the US Justice Department said in a statement signed by Donohue.

At first, Donohue did not want to come to Washington on January 6. But on January 4, President Tario was arrested for burning a Black Lives Matter flag he had stolen from a church. Donohoe decided to travel to the US capital after all because he feared a “leadership vacuum”. He led a group of two to three hundred proud boys to storm the Capitol.

Donohoe is the second member of the Proud Boys to collaborate with law enforcement. He could face six years in prison. Others, including foreman Tario, have denied being guilty of obstructing the peaceful transfer of presidential power.

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