Stocard now also saves your vaccination certificate, that's how it works

Stocard now also saves your vaccination certificate, that’s how it works

Stocard, the app that acts as your digital wallet, can now also securely store proof of your vaccination. This way you can also use the Stocard as an entry ticket to events, for example. We explain how to add your vaccination certificate to Stocard.

What is Stocard?

Stockard It is an application that can be very useful in daily life. It is a loyalty card app that digitizes all your plastic loyalty cards. Too thick wallet is becoming a thing of the past with this app because you can easily add all the cards to Stocard and then store them in a drawer somewhere.

Stockard can do for you too Concert tickets and airline tickets keep. You no longer need to have a paper boarding pass with you when boarding the plane. Simply place your smartphone with your boarding pass under the scanner. Since the end of last year you can use “Stockard BayAt the same time pay contactless with your phone and also get discount through discount vouchers and loyalty cards in the app. Stocard now has more than 60 million users worldwide and six offices, one of which is in Rotterdam.

Stockard home screen

Add your vaccination card to Stocard

From now on, it is also possible to add proof of vaccination to the application. For example, with Stocard you can access certain locations or activities in the Netherlands. You can also travel to other countries using the app. After adding you can CoronaCheckDelete the application. You can also generate a QR code via the CoronaCheck website and scan it with a Stocard. Adding a vaccination certificate works just like adding a loyalty card:

  1. Open Stocard and press + Add map
  2. Search for EYour COVID-19 vaccination certificates and click on it
  3. Scan the QR code for CoronaCheck app or file CoronaCheck website
  4. Been completed!
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Download Stockard

Would you also like to try Stocard? The application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store by clicking on the button below.

Stocard - Loyalty Cards App

Stocard – Loyalty Cards App

Tired of keeping up with all those plastic loyalty cards? Then Stocard can become your best friend. With Stocard you can store all your loyalty cards in one card..

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