Steiner praises new Formula 1 fort: “I think it’s great for the sport”

Steiner praises new Formula 1 fort: “I think it’s great for the sport”

Haas F1 wants to score points again in Baku. After a successful campaign in Melbourne. Team boss Guenther Steiner looked back on that memorable Sunday and talked about what happened in the meantime.

At the Australian Grand Prix Nico Hulkenberg took the first points for the Haas F1 Team and took advantage of the two late red flag situations. For Steiner, it’s a relief that the American racing stable finished with a zero score.

“It was one of those moments where I thought he could score points and do it, and I hope there will be more. Then immediately the frustration set in about what it would have been if there had been a different decision from the race director.”

“In the end, we are happy with seventh place and the six points we scored will take us even further in the Constructors’ Championship.” Overall, a very good race weekend for us in Australia. “

After the race, there was an unusual period of a sweat-free weekend. Steiner tells what Haas F1 has been planning.

“With the unintentional break, we tried to make the most of it. First, I told people to take a break and prepare for a difficult season for us, because now the real season starts with a double-header and then a triple-header.”

“The design team is working on the last small bits for the upgrades we’ll be rolling out at the next races, starting in Miami. We’ve also arranged a few things, like the race team going to the mass bonding event in Wales for two days.”

The last time Haas F1 scored points in Baku was six years ago. Steiner does not immediately dare to say if a top ten ranking is possible.

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“I will be surprised when we start the first practice and see what we can do, but this year it may be possible for our car to score points in every race. That is the goal anyway, so let’s hope that after 2017 2023 is the year. When we score points in Baku”.

The first of six sprints is being held in Azerbaijan. The weekend format has been modified with special qualifiers for the shortened competition. Steiner is satisfied with the changes made by the FIA ​​and Formula 1.

“I definitely prefer the new format because training on Saturday morning is pointless because you can’t change anything on the car, I just went out and did laps and tried to understand the tires – I don’t think that’s very interesting for the fans.”

“Qualifying two is much better for the fans and also for us because it gives you excitement. We have a lot to do this weekend, two qualifying sessions and two races, and I think that’s great for the sport,” Steiner concluded. excited. “

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