Stefano Kaiser is happy to be in love again with a new flame

Stefano Kaiser is happy to be in love again with a new flame

Stefano’s management sent us some pictures of the two in love together earlier today. Stefano can be seen on it with his new girlfriend Loes. the love birds They are currently enjoying a vacation together in Curaçao.

It also seems that Loes immediately met her relatives, Stefano’s family lives on the island.

Stefano and ex-lover Ellis Kat announced in November of last year that they had ended their relationship.

“We tried everything to prevent this, but in the end there was no conclusion other than this very bad conclusion,” he wrote under his photo on Instagram. “I’m sorry I don’t have a happier message to bring and I would hate for something so personal to be shared in public.” Stefano adds, “He will always be proud of her and everything we’ve been through together. Sooner or later, better times will embrace us. It’s not clear exactly how long they’ve been together. The comedian hasn’t been very open about their relationship for that long.”

During the day Grilled Hans Klok It was Stefano who was able to steal the show, and why not, by stepping naked. Our online reporter Laïs van Niel was present and surrendered Flute Flop Celebrities get their own taste by judging their clothes.

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