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Valve has confirmed that all of its portable Steam Deck models will feature an M.2 2230 slot. This includes the 64GB model, which doesn’t come with NVMe storage as standard. According to Valve, the SSD is “not intended for end-user replacement.”

Reddit user midnight_watch To Valve CEO Gabe Newell Whether users can change the ssd from Steam Deck themselves, as little information was available online at the time. The Steam boss responded briefly with “2230 M.2 Slot.” then asked Another Reddit userOr the BernardoOne or a 64GB version with eMMC storage will also receive an M.2 2230 slot, which Newell confirmed to be the case.

LED has now Specification List From Steam Deck with this new information. In it, the company asserts that all Steam Deck models have a socket for M.2 2230 hard drives. However, the company writes that the SSD is “not intended” for replacement by end users. It’s not known if third party replacement SSDs don’t work at all, for example using drm. It is also possible that these drives are supported, but it is difficult for users to access the M.2 slot, for example. Tweakers have questions about this with Gabe Newell.

The M.2 2230 SSD has a smaller size of 30 mm than the “regular” M.2 2280 drives, which are 80 mm in length. This form factor is designed primarily for OEMs, although M.2 2230 drives are also available to customers. At the time of writing, there are seven M.2 2230 SSDs in Pricewatch. These SSDs are more expensive than the M.2 2280 drives.

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Valve announces Steam Deck In this week, as a handheld device that can play Steam games. The gaming console features an AMD benchmark with four Zen 2 cores and eight RDNA 2 compute units. Steam Deck comes standard with SteamOS 3.0, which is based on Arch Linux. Games on this operating system run through Proton, a compatibility layer that allows many Windows games to be played on Linux via Steam. valve We tell you earlier That Steam Deck is basically a computer on which users can optionally install software and operating systems from third parties.

The company opened pre-orders for Steam Deck yesterday, after which Steam sites quickly went offline. The first Steam Deck shipments are now sold out. At the time of writing, new pre-orders are not expected to ship until the first quarter of next year.

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