Start signal to mute Rijnhaven

Construction board member Bas Korvers, along with Johan van der Voem of Boskalis, gave the go-ahead on Monday to fill part of Rijnhaven. The harbor basin between Posthumalaan, Wilhelminapier and Katendrecht is gradually changing from the water – where there is little activity – to an entirely new part of town.

‚ÄúRinehaven was once an important and lively port with ships of the Holland America Line. There is not much left of that now. Little by little, it is becoming increasingly clear how Rijnhaven is evolving: from rather dull waters to a place where peace and bustle alternate and where space is made for entrepreneurship, sports, games and culture. In the meantime, part of the floating park has already been built. ” Korvers.

Almost a basin full of sand

Filling will continue until mid-2023, after which the sand will have to settle for another 1.5 years. More than 1 million cubic meters of sand will be made available at this stage of backfilling and after this is stabilized around the end of 2024, another smaller batch will be made available to complete the park edges.

Sand is used first with ships from the water and then, as the sand rises above the water, from the new land. The sand largely comes from various sites from other projects and is reused in Rijnhaven. This is circular and sustainable.

living and green

Construction of 2,500 homes for beginners, families, and seniors will begin on the reclaimed land from 2025. There is room for activity at the base. In addition, there will be a garden with a beach where you can relax, play sports, walk and swim. A total of 8 hectares of land will be reclaimed in Rijnhaven for buildings and the park. The new park covers 6.5 hectares on the Posthumalaan side.

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This park is also complemented by parts of the floating park attached to the northern Wilhelminapier pier walls and the southern Katendrecht pier walls. Everything is connected by footpaths, which allow to take a ride around the water and partly over it in different ways. Residents and visitors are welcomed along two new plazas next to metro stations: Luxor Square in the northeast and Metro Plaza in the southeast.

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