Star turns out to be a slice of chorizo, scientist apologizes for joking

Star turns out to be a slice of chorizo, scientist apologizes for joking

Klein is a physicist and works for the French Nuclear Commission. He shared a color photo of ‘Proxima Centauri’ on his Twitter account on July 31.

“The closest star to the sun is 4.2 million light-years away,” he wrote. He said the image was taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. This new telescope reached its final destination in the universe at the beginning of this year, where it will have to observe for the next decades.

Several people took the tweet seriously and shared the photo on their own accounts. But soon another letter from Klein followed, in which she admits that the photo in one of the issues showed a slice of sausage, and not a star. The scientist admitted that “according to modern cosmology, this Spanish sausage is found only on Earth.”

Be careful

Hours later, Klein went into more detail with a new tweet. “In light of some of the comments, I feel compelled to clarify that my tweet about the so-called Proxima Centauri image was a joke,” he wrote.

I also apologize for the trick. Although according to him, we can basically draw a lesson from it. “Keep critical thinking in someone who speaks with authority and beware of expressing certain images.”

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