Squid Game Wins SAG Awards

Squid Game Wins SAG Awards

In the SAG Awards Television categories, Best Comedy Actor awards went to Jason Sudeikis and Jan Smart for their work in Ted Lasso And the superstar† cast Ted Lasso It also won Best Ensemble in a Comedy Film. SAG-AFTRA awards awards only for acting performance and not for titles per se. As a result, figurines for the best group are often considered the first prize within a category.

Michael Keaton

In the miniseries, for which only Best Actor and Best Actress were chosen, Kate Winslet (East Town mareand Michael KeatonDobicy) took the win. The latter had just left the room when the toilet visit was announced. The 70-year-old still rushed through the audience to the stage, where he set off to receive the award.

The actor began his thank-you by saying, “Sorry, I had to go to the men’s room quickly, it’s very busy there by the way.” Variety later shared a clip from the press room. In it, Keaton stated that he believed he had at least twenty minutes before his class turn.


Although his moment on stage started with laughter due to the toilet incident, Keaton was also touched while speaking. Dobicy The series revolves around the opioid crisis in the United States, and the actor gave his award to his sister Pam and her son Michael, who died in 2016 of an overdose. Keaton also said he’s grateful that as an actor he can reveal things.

“I have a job that allows me to be a part of a production as Dobicy, which gets people to think, sparks conversations and can lead to change. Who may do this work? How privileged is it to me that something good can come from what I do? “

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