Spotify gets a new look: scrolling through a TikTok-like feed

Spotify has a number of innovations announce. Most important is the redesign of the Music app’s home screen, with large visual previews that users swipe vertically through to discover new music and podcasts.

With its new “home feed,” Spotify is a lot like Instagram or TikTok. For example, users get short previews of songs and videos, excerpts from podcasts, and excerpts from audiobooks. Spotify does not yet offer audiobooks in the Netherlands. With one click you can add songs and podcast episodes to your personal playlists or your own library. The new interface will be rolled out worldwide in phases in the coming weeks.

Smart shuffle and countdown pages

Also new is the “Smart Shuffle” button for adding new music to an existing custom playlist. Users then receive personalized recommendations based on their musical taste. According to the service, they can “breathe new life into old playlists.”

For albums that have been announced but not yet released, there will be special countdown pages featuring videos, track listings, merch, and a release countdown timer.


Just like music, podcasts will now also have “autoplay”: after an episode ends, another episode will automatically start playing that matches your listening preferences.

In addition, Spotify is collaborating with DC Comics with a podcast developed under the supervision of a screenwriter david s. Gowerknown from the Dark Knight movies.

Spotify will also inform concertgoers more about future performances by their favorite artists. Using the button, they can indicate that they are interested in a particular concert, which will then appear in their Live Events Feed.

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There will also be new opportunities for artists. For example, they can add short videos to their profile pages and albums. More artists can also participate in the Fans First program, which gives fans special access to pre-concert shows and exclusive merchandise.

Spotify recently introduced a new feature with a virtual DJ that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to play songs and provide spoken feedback. This DJ job is only available in the US and Canada at this time.

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