Sports create social connections

Sports create social connections

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The municipality of Heusden has great ambitions in terms of combating and preventing loneliness among its residents. The only question is: How do you do it? Sebastiaan Verweijen, a biology coach at Stichting de Screw (part of Bijeen), has an idea for this.

Sports create social connections
“We believe strongly in the power of sport and exercise. It gives confidence and social connection. It is not about being able to run 100m as fast as possible, but how exercise can be used so that everyone can fully participate in society. That is why we make sports and exercise accessible to everyone” . Sebastian continues: “We recently introduced a bike fall prevention course. This was primarily intended for people who were afraid of falling. If people dared to cycle more after the course, they are also more mobile and can commute far from home, for example The example of visiting a place or participating in an activity or a club. In this way we use sports and exercise to combat loneliness.”

young and old
This is why Sebastian is a member of the Com Arbege Alliance on behalf of Stichting de Screw. He explains that this leads to surprising situations with an example: “De Zonnebloem is organizing a day in Floriade. Since most of the Zonnebloem guests have difficulties walking, they were looking for moderators. Then De Zonnebloem asked me if I could provide some young people to help push wheelchairs We are now working on this together. A great example of how young and old can be brought together.”

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What do live sports coaches do?
Athletic trainers nearby get people moving in their area. They form the link between sports, residents, sponsorship, education and sports associations. The neighborhood sports coaches start at Stichting de Screw and organize exercise programs and activities. This varies from wheelchair tennis and neighborhood sports, to walking groups and MijnLeefstijl. Each program has its own curriculum and each neighborhood sports coach has their own expertise. Sebastian focuses on adults especially people 55 years of age or older. He is also a broker in the Youth Sports Fund. Together they ensure that children from families with little money can also play sports in an association and thus participate in society. Youth Fond Sport pays the contribution or sports equipment for these children.

Curious about the Stichting de Screw show or do you want to know what neighborhood sports coaches can do for you in the field of sports and exercise? Take a look at or contact us by phone at 0416 383484. Stichting de Screw is part of Beijing.

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