Sports contracts in America: European sums nil

Sports contracts in America: European sums nil

Dutch baseball player Xander Bogaerts recently signed a new contract for the Boston Red Sox worth 117 million euros. A colossal amount, but not uncommon in the sports world in the United States.

America has a lot of these big sums of money, but only one person can earn more in the end. Here’s a quick glimpse of the big payoffs for each sport based on contract value. This gives a better picture of an investment in an athlete than an annual salary.

In Major League Baseball, the money is dumped: The top ten of the highest-paid athletes play there. Trout is an athlete’s highest paid ever, but is not well known outside his country. The MLB superstar is the big star on his team and he has twice Most Valuable Player (MVP). His team, the Angels, want to build around him and so they set it aside for a lot of money.

With this contract, Harden holds the record in the NBA, which according to the media is worth it. Basketball player, nicknamed: De Baard, was the player with the most points in the league for two consecutive seasons. He’s likely MVP’s biggest competitor this year and has already scored more than 50 points seven times in one match this season.

The ice hockey player is the captain of the Oilers, a major ice hockey league team with a rich history. At the age of 22, he had already won several personal titles, but had not yet been able to contribute to the trophy wardrobe for his team. From newcomer of the year to player of the year, he climbed to the top of the NHL shortly after his arrival. Both with his qualities and his salary.

It’s a little different in America. The athletes who earn the least are the soccer players, and that competition has not yet originated there. Former Juventus player Sebastian Giovinco was actually the big earner for both Toronto Football Club and MLS League, but he left with a lot of problems. Now his former teammate and former Hervyn player Michael Bradley is the highest-paid footballer in North America, and the veteran has also previously played for Roma and is the captain of his country.

RTL News / Joshim Michels

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