spoiled with orange lionesses

spoiled with orange lionesses

Tonight, the European Women’s Football Championship kicks off in England. And of course there are the orange lionesses. subway Looking forward with NOS reporter and soccer fan at heart and soul, Susie Van Cleef.

At least 70,000 people will throng to the all-sold-out Manchester United stands tonight. Not Cristiano Ronaldo on the field, but the football players of the national teams of England and Austria. Women’s European Football Championship final at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday 31 July? All 91,000 tickets were sold out regardless of which countries made it to the final battle. Could it be the women of the Dutch national team or the orange lionesses? subway She discussed it at Hilversum with Sues van Cleef, the Netherlands’ first football commentator. for a radio show NOS along the line She made her debut in Willem II – sc Heerenveen on March 13, 2021.

Anyway: The European Women’s Championship is about to start! Orange is there as defending champion and 2017 European Champion.

Suse van Kleef daily on NPO 1

From the same Hilversum – Studio NOS – we’ll see Sue Van Cleef every day from tonight Peak time don’t fall asleep With Sjoerd van Ramshorst, apply in anticipation of the competition at 9 pm NOS Studio England† After the match, tonight England-Austria as the opening match of the European Championship, the two can also be seen again.

“I have a beautiful role,” Susan Cliff says of her NOS Studio EnglandIt is presented as a side kick by the Sports and News Channel. “holiday.” NOS is currently very busy with sports, because the Tour de France (subway I talked about it with Roxane Knetemann) and the Women’s Hockey World Cup is in full swing.

Sousa Van Cleef has seen a complete change in the world of football and the world of Orange Lionesses. She herself made it into the Netherlands’ young girls under 19, but her cruciate ligament tear meant the end of a great athlete’s existence. “But to be honest, I stopped at the time because there was absolutely no prospect of a professional career.” Her career focused on journalism and eventually on sports and football in particular. “This way everything is well integrated.”

Sousse Van Cleef European Women's Football Championship Orange Lioness
Susan Cliff loves ball. Photo: S. Heijendael

Popular orange lionesses

After the European title in our country in 2017 – a real folk festival erupted – and he lost a final World Cup 2019 in FranceVan Cleef sees women’s football taken seriously and is always broadcast live on TV. “The audience’s attention has grown tremendously. I think the credit goes to the women themselves. They take the attention and the media in a very positive way. They also want to stay friendly, you can see that. I understand the sponsors want to be associated with these girls. This golden team has it all. You want him as an advertiser. But the football of the Orange Lionesses is now taken very seriously from an artistic point of view. Plus, the daily studio show I could give with Sjoerd, just as it did in 2019, was completely unimaginable before the European Championships in 2017. And after that, we broadcast not only Orange, but also all the other matches.”

Interested in the European Women’s Football Championship?

„No, in NOS Studio England We’re not walking with an orange stopper on our heads,” Sues Van Cleef looks forward. “We’re making a serious football program. It has been proven that when analyzed correctly, people like to watch. Yes, also for Portugal – Switzerland. We were also surprised that so many people are interested. But a million people watched France and Norway during the World Cup, which is strange. America – England semi-finals? 2 million! So enthusiasts stayed home for it.”

Van Cleef also sees the popularity of the orange lionesses and soon translated the European Women’s Football Championship on the amateur courts. Although this also has another reason: “When I was young, girls were not allowed to play football. Many clubs were nervous about girls in boy teams or argued that there was simply no girls team. Football was not for girls and no discussion. Parents said go play hockey. In the coming years, we’ll really see how influential the Orange women will be. The number of members in women’s soccer is growing, and that’s even more evident. But from a social point of view, it’s also more acceptable.”

Do orange lionesses stand a chance?

Whether the Orange team has a chance of winning the European Women’s Football Championship or at least a place in the final, Suse van Kleef is still somewhat conservative about it. “There is a chance that the Netherlands will meet France in the quarter-finals and go home. But we spoiled a little, right? However, I don’t think you have a chance. Orange has turned into a championship team in the last five years. A team that can outdo itself and prove its worth. To beat stronger teams. If national coach Mark Parsons is able to put together a unit, as Sarina Weigmann has done in recent years, I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

NOS Studio England starts every evening around 8.25pm ​​and continues after the game from 9pm until 11pm. Most evenings at NPO 3, tonight and during Oranje Leeuwinnen on NPO 1.

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