Speedrunner is playing Diablo 2: Resurrected peacefully on the difficulty – gaming – hell. Geeks

Complete Diablo 2: Revive in over 50 hours at the highest difficulty level based on the rules of pacifism. MacroBioBoi claims to be the first in the world to complete this self-imposed challenge.

Of course, players who abide by the rules of pacifist speed racing are not allowed to attack enemies, but they also must not allow mercenaries or others to attack before them. Instead, bosses have to be killed using the effects of some item. Prior to the MacroBioBoi Speed ​​Race, the witch was equipped with items and abilities that activate spells when the character is under attack.

Moreover, the player is not turned on Twinkhe explains vs PC Gamer From. With this principle, the barter system in Diablo 2 allows players to obtain items that they would not have previously. Therefore, in the respective sprint, equipment, weapons, and other items that the character had already acquired were used.

Diablo 2: Resurrection It is the remastered version of the popular “dungeon crawler” from the year 2000. The game is based on the current state after the expansion of Lord of Destruction and has provided completely revamped graphics. Tweaker published in 2021 Preview this version of the game.

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