Spanish brand value grows 4 percent compared to 2020

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With this increase, the Spanish brand has recovered from a 28 per cent drop it recorded in 2020 due to Covid-19. Once again, the most valuable brand in the world is the United States with a value of 20.9 billion euros. China is increasingly followed by 16.7 billion euros.

Teresa de Lemos, Managing Director of Brand Finance Spain says: “Companies like Telefónica, Iberia, AVE or Real Madrid have played a key role in building the Spanish brand and vice versa. Business and country go hand in hand as key elements in generating the economy and employment, so knowing Brand drivers for both is fundamental to working on their development.”

According to the latest Brand Finance Nation Brands 2021 report, the world’s 100 most valuable national brands have decreased by nearly €37 million in their annual brand value. In 2020, the top 100 national brands lost €11 billion in brand value. This indicates a rebound since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spain falls more than the country’s top ten brands

While the world’s 10 most valuable brands held their position compared to 2020, Spain slipped from 11th to 12th place in the overall ranking. Despite being hit economically and socially by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Spanish brand has managed to increase its value by 4 percent as of 2020 and is one of only 12 countries that have increased in value this year.

The Spaniards see their lands as less valuable than other countries. While Spaniards believe the worst of Covid-19 is over and their confidence in vaccines is increasing, the scores they give to the country’s handling of the pandemic were lower (0.4 out of 10) than other countries. out of 10).

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The United States and China lead

There has been no movement in the top ten this year. Each country maintains its ranking since last year. However, all of the top 10 countries registered a slight increase in brand value, in line with the global trend in ranking.

The United States and China ranked first and second in the ranking. The value of the United States rose 5 percent to $24.8 trillion in a year marked by major political and economic changes with Joe Biden as the new president after Donald Trump.

China saw its national brand value increase by 6 percent to $19.9 trillion. For both countries, the economic recovery has contributed to increasing the value of the brand. The Chinese economy was the first to recover at a rapid pace. It was the only country that recorded positive GDP growth at the end of 2020 and also achieved record growth in the first quarter of this year.

The world’s fastest growing national brand

Digital Estonia is the fastest growing national brand in the world
With a brand value growth of 38 percent from last year, Estonia will become the fastest growing national brand in the world by 2021. The Baltic countries had already invested in digital infrastructure long before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. At least 99 percent of government services in the country are provided online.

Myanmar and Ethiopia the largest decline

Myanmar and Ethiopia are among the fastest declining national brands in the ranking. The turmoil in the two countries has taken a heavy toll on their national brand values, which are down 26 and 22 percent, respectively. The Brazilian brand has also fallen in value. The country lost 12 percent of its brand equity and dropped out of the Top 20 National Finance Brands for 2021.

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