Spain closes its consulate in Nador after a series of complaints

Spain closes its consulate in Nador after a series of complaints

June 23, 2024 – 12:10 – Morocco


In December, a local association in Nador denounced repeated violations of the rights of visa applicants. The consulate allegedly rejected visa applications submitted by Moroccan citizens without providing valid reasons, even when all necessary documents were properly submitted. In response, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent an investigation committee to the consulate to collect testimonies and evidence. This investigation revealed the existence of a “visa mafia” that includes consular officials, local associations, and various influential figures.

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Many Moroccan citizens have reported similar experiences, where their visa applications were systematically rejected without explanation, despite submitting all required documents. Some described these rejections as racist and irresponsible, and indicated that they were heading to other countries in the Schengen area.

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A separate investigation conducted by the Moroccan authorities revealed the involvement of four consulate employees in a network that used forged documents to obtain visas. These discoveries accelerated the decision of the Spanish Ministry, headed by José Manuel Albarez, to close the General Consulate in Nador.

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