Spain chose the word ‘artificial intelligence’ as the word of the year 2022

Madrid – Every year, the Word of the Year is also chosen in Spain by Agencia Efe and Fundéu BBVA. It was recently announced which of the 12 contenders became the word of the year 2022 in Spain. In the Netherlands and Belgium, Van Dale chose the word “climate poster” this year, while in the UK the word of the year became “puck fashion.”

In Spain this year there were 12 candidates for the Spanish word for 2022: “apocalipsis”, “criptomoneda”, “variousidad”, “ecocidio”, “gasoducto”, “gigafactoría”, “gripalizar”, “inflación” and “artificial intelligentsia”, ‘sexdopaje’, ‘topar’ and ‘ucraniano.’ In the end, ‘artificial inteligencia’ got the most votes and became the word of the year 2022 in Spain.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of creating an artifact that exhibits some form of intelligence. It is difficult to define exactly what “intelligence” is. So it’s also hard to say what exactly AI is. The term “artificial intelligence” is defined in the Spanish Academic Dictionary as “a scientific discipline concerned with creating computer programs that perform actions similar to those performed by the human mind, such as learning or logical reasoning”.

The word ‘artificial Inteligencia’ has been included in the dictionary since 1982 and was chosen as the word of the year 2022 due to its high presence in the media over the past twelve months, as well as in social discussion due to the various developments that have been made in this science.

It’s the tenth time Fundéu BBVA Choose the word of the year. Previous winners are ‘escrache’ (2013), ‘selfie’ (2014), ‘refugiado’ (2015), ‘populismo’ (2016), ‘aporofobia’ (2017), ‘microplastico’ (2018), ’emojis’ (2019). ), “confinamiento” (2020), and “vacuna” (2021). “Artificial Inteligencia” is the first post-pandemic winner that has nothing to do with this bad time.

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