Space rock passes close to Earth but isn’t detected in time

Space rock passes close to Earth but isn’t detected in time

News and politics30 Jun 24 15:08Autor: Philip van den Herk

This week, two large space rocks passed near Earth. The “small” rock is 200 meters in diameter, while the larger rock is more than two kilometers thick. The European Space Agency is concerned because the small rock was discovered only a short time ago. Space expert Rob van den Berg says that the rock was spotted only 10 days ago, but both rocks pass the Earth well.

A space rock passes near Earth and was not detected in time

The two-kilometre-thick rock passed near Earth on Thursday, at a distance of about “seventeen times the distance from Earth to the Moon.” But the smaller rock flies so close that, according to van den Berg, it should be visible from Earth on Saturday: “This rock flies between the Earth and the Moon, and if you know where to look, you can see it with binoculars.” ‘

“This was a space rock we didn’t know about, and yet it’s so close.”

Aviation expert Rob van den Berg

Well-founded fears

According to Van den Berg, ESA is concerned that the smaller rock was not observed “in time”. “We hope that it has spotted all the potentially dangerous space rocks, so we didn’t know about them, and yet they are so close.” Fortunately, this time the rock is flying at a safe distance.

According to van den Berg, smaller rocks burn up in the atmosphere every week, but larger rocks like the one pictured this week are the real dangers. “Rocks larger than a few feet can cause serious damage.” The last major meteorite impact was in 2013 over Russia, which involved a rock “several tens of meters” long. Even a rock that size is dangerous, says van den Berg, and several people have been injured in Russia.

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