Soon on newsstands (or subscribe): CARROS Magazine #1-2023

Soon on newsstands (or subscribe): CARROS Magazine #1-2023

Carus Magazine #1-2023 is once again full of the sweetest automotive stories. We drove a Peugeot 408 Hybrid, BMW M440i, Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce, Honda Civic E-HEV Sport, Renault Alpine GTA, and many other models.

Light years by ChatGPT
There’s a new Internet application that has mixed feelings in the press: ChatGPT. You enter a topic of the required length and then, based on what ChatGPT can find about that topic on the Internet, quickly publish an article. We put it to the test and asked ChatGPT for a 450 word piece on “The Rise and Fall of a Light Year”.

Abarth 500e: Genetic Engineering
There in very toxic green: the first electric Abarth. No, not Fiat, Abarth, we’re fans. Compare it to DS as a “standalone” brand under the Stellantis Group umbrella. Well, you will.

Lucid Air: Obviously
Our editor-in-chief isn’t a huge fan of electric-powered and/or (semi) self-driving cars. But it is an American comfort. Thomas Bangma saw it happen recently in Hilversum. Carlo Brantsen’s budding love for Lucid Air.

Peugeot 408 Hybrid 225 e-EAT8: Fastback Revival
When it comes to sedans, Peugeot has earned itself a solid reputation. You see them in those lovely old French movies: 403, 404, 505, 405, 406…the cars when the kid was drawing them. The new 408 is also offered as a sedan. It just looks like nothing but four doors with a trunk.

Different emblem and Pu + Ra sculpting: Lancia Vision
From a former royal palace in Turin, Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano has introduced the world to the design of the futuristic Lancias. Admittedly, it was just a matter of a new logo and initial design study, but still: the patient is breathing.

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By opening the BMW M440i on the British South Coast
To find out why the residents of rainy England love convertibles, Huib de Vries and Maurice Volmeyer went to Brighton in a BMW M440i. In the convertible version, this is – not in the most favorable season. However, they had a great time.

As if it was printed
If you’ve ever looked up an original owner’s manual for your classic car, a book from your favorite brand or an old volume, the name “Automobile Literature of Europe” probably means something to you. This company has one of the largest collections of printed materials in our country, and perhaps in all of Europe. Yuri van Koeveringe traveled to Haaksbergen.

Opel CEO Florian Huettel: “We are working on a groundbreaking electric vehicle”
Opel has been building cars since 1899. This happened for a long time under the General Motors banner, but in 2017 PSA (Peugeot, Citroen) incorporated the German manufacturer. Now Opel is one of the fourteen brands that are part of the Stellantis Group. Opel is the only German brand within the mega concern, which is added motivation for CEO Florian Huettel. Joss Peters spoke to him.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce vs. Honda Civic E-HEV Sport: Wallflowers that deserve more
It’s no secret that Alfa Romeo and Honda have the advantage over Thomas Bangma. He doesn’t understand why both brands sell so few cars here. But there is hope! Because the “hybrid” is making a comeback after a period of condemnation, and both Alfa and Honda offer very attractive enthusiast cars of this type, although one is more modern than the other.

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Jeep Wrangler by Sam’s Garage
Circuit Zandvoort, cold and windy Saturday morning. Only one of the many pit boxes is open. Inside, a girl is chilling and watching her coffee and donut machine…

Renault Alpine GTA (1984-1991): None
Admittedly, we borrowed the headline from Renault’s marketing department, which used it to promote the new Alpine V6 GT and V6 Turbo. It is undoubtedly the reaction the filmmakers hope to elicit from the German competition. Legitimate expectations? We put it to the test.

Cradle Break: AMC AMX/3 – Sciabolo Bizzarrini (1971)
An American sports car with a mid-engined V8, developed by a brilliant engineer, made in Italy and refined by BMW. The AMX/3 had all it took to be a hit. But after six prototypes, the curtain fell. One such example recently appeared in the Netherlands, where Yuri van Koeveringe was given the opportunity to drive what could have been one of the finest sports cars of the 1970s.

Rightfully proud: Lancia Lambda Torpedo balloon (1922) in the Le Mans Museum
The guys at the Louwman Museum in The Hague recently made no secret of it during a small-scale press presentation: they are very proud of the arrival of the Lancia Lambda Torpedo Balloon, which has been sought after for years.

Classic directions: classic Japanese
British experts expect classic Japanese cars, especially sports models, to increase in value next year. However, this applies to a lesser extent in the Netherlands.

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