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Sony showed a 14-minute gameplay video and in-game movies from Horizon Forbidden West. The main character, Aloy, takes on a mission against the Raiders and Tremortusk, a large machine that has been captured by the Raiders.

Gameplay video captured on PlayStation 5 console at 4k resolution. The frame rate for the video on YouTube is 30fps and this might also be the frame rate the game is being played at. Whether the game will also get a 60fps mode is not known yet.

The video also features Horizon Zero Dawn’s character Erend. Aloy has sent him, but he has been caught by the raiders. Aloy must then try to free him. The area in which the mission is performed is a forest-like environment, including the beach and the waters. Aloy has some new tools to get around, like the pull wheel, sort of Grappling hook To gain height and Shieldwing to go down again.

Also new is the scuba mask, which allows Aloy to stay underwater indefinitely. Exploring the underwater world is one of the new features of Horizon Forbidden West. In the first game of Horizon, players were unable to enter the water.

The game takes place in a fictional future where machines take over the world. In Forbidden West, the Raiders also play an important role, as they can control machines and use them to fight. The events take place six months after the story of Horizon Zero Dawn, Found on the PlayStation Blog.

to me Game director Matthijs de Jonge from Dutch developer Guerrilla Games, battles in Horizon Forbidden West revolve around technology and choice. Players can choose from different types of weapons and effects, just like in the first part. The game also gets new weapons, including a slingshot that shoots glue shells and smoke grenades. Moreover, players are given the opportunity to upgrade weapons.

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The game world that Aloy moves in is also affected by Red Blight. This is a mysterious condition that leads to the collapse of the biosphere. Aloy must avoid this by looking for a technique to fight red blight.

Horizon Forbidden West was announced in June of last year. At the time, Sony offered several trailers, but there was no gameplay yet. The game is the successor to Horizon Zero Dawn that came out for PlayStation 4 in 2017. Last year, this game was also released for Windows.

Sony and Guerrilla Games have not released any news on the game’s release date. At the end of last year, Sony indicated that the game In the second half of 2021 Will come out. The game is coming for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Guerrilla Games Tell us on Twitter This development is on the right track and more will be announced soon.

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