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I feel curious about that too. When the PS4 Pro/Xbox One X came out, I think the console makers were talking as if this “intermediate strategy” was going to be the new normal. But at the same time, its release was essentially a way to make up for the difference with the PC without starting a whole new generation. In other words, participating in 4K, HDR, and some other innovations. The player advantage was the great compatibility of games and accessories between the PS4 and PS4 Pro, but the PS5 is also very compatible so the transition between generations no longer works like the transition from PS3 to 4, for example. The PS4 Pro was probably an option that only worked well once in the specific state of things at the time.

4K became more realistically feasible on the PS5 and even then, of course, not a full 4K60/120 with today’s most beautiful visuals. Today’s personal computer can hardly achieve this as you have indicated.

However, it seems to me that the PS5’s power is enough to provide good playability for a few years. With some help as necessary from checkerboard rendering, 40fps VRR or other performance mode, and a slow, limited lag compared to the highest achievable in terms of graphic extravaganza. To some extent, this is not a problem because the console is fairly affordable, and the earlier consoles were no longer the best in the later years of their generation. As long as the games go on and the consoles keep selling, a generation can last for 4, 6, or even 8-10 years.

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If I had to guess, I’d say there’s a “only” PS6 coming, roughly 6-8 years after the PS5 was released. Game development now takes more time, which makes the console generation from 3 to 6 years rather short. Then game developers will only be able to release one or two games before the next game is released. The default PS6 could also be compatible in terms of games and/or accessories, which we’ve also seen with the PS5. So for the sake of compatibility, it doesn’t matter anymore if it’s a half or full step.

Sony wants to make money, but it still makes more money from sales of games and its services than from hardware. So I don’t expect a quick replacement of the existing controllers. But we will see.

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