Sony begins testing 1440p support on PlayStation 5 – Games – News

Sony has begun testing 1440p support on the PlayStation 5. This option is included in the latest PS5 beta, along with new game menus and social features. It is not known when the option will be available to all PS5 owners.

New beta program It will be available Thursday according to Sony For Invited Participants in a limited number of countries. The Netherlands and Belgium are not covered by this yet. PS5 users with beta access will be able to set video output to 1440p on screens supported in the new software version, under “Screen and Video” settings.

Games that support 1440p can then be viewed at a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. In other cases, the game is rendered at 4k and then downsized to 1440p, which allows for better anti-aliasing. Users can test whether their screen supports 1440p under the “Screen and Video” menu. Sony warns that the variable refresh rate does not work at 1440p. This feature only works in 1080p and 4K resolutions. Xbox Series consoles already support 1440p.

The PS5 beta also adds game lists, which are a type of folder that users can use to organize their games on their dashboard. Users can create up to 15 lists each containing up to 100 games. Users can add digital games, disc games, and streaming games through PS Plus Premium. It is also possible to add a game to multiple lists.

The console also gets new social functions. For example, in the future, users can send a request to friends to share their screen. Users who join a group will also be notified when they can join another group member’s game. It will now also be possible to send stickers and audio messages at parties and users will soon be able to switch more easily between 3D audio and stereo audio for headphones. It is not known when the features will be available to everyone, but this will likely happen in the coming months.

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