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Sony announced the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. Players can earn rewards and points by completing activities. It will be possible to redeem points for PlayStation Store credits. The company also offers digital collectibles.

Loyalty program is According to Sony Sign up and it’s free. It will encourage PlayStation players to complete activities to collect rewards. That’s still not clear, though, as Sony has stated that it will offer digital collectibles, among other things. These digital collectibles will primarily consist of figurines of popular game characters and digital representations of popular Sony hardware.

For some activities, according to Sony, it is enough to play any game on the PlayStation console; In other cases, for example, you may be required to first win a tournament or achieve a specific PlayStation Cup.

Points can also be accumulated and will be automatically credited to PlayStation Star players who have made PlayStation Store purchases. Points collected will be redeemable for PSN credits or other products from the PlayStation Store, according to Sony. What these are not clear. Sony has yet to announce how many points a player will need to claim a certain credit. The Japanese company has stated that PlayStation Stars will be released later this year, although it did not provide specific dates.

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