Software Update: Home Assistant Core 2022.6.0 – PC – Downloads

However, I’m not happy with “moving” away from config files and toward a fuzzy database solution.

SQLite isn’t really that blurry. It is the most popular database solution worldwide. So the difference is easily exported.

Otherwise you can always take screenshots. This is actually the best solution. Error in the current version? Check if it is already reported, go back to the previous version, and try to upgrade later.

[edit]Ah, maybe SQLite is only used for history/tracking, from what I read

more general:
The nice thing about Home Assistant is that it’s very intuitive, even if you don’t edit configurations directly. For example, I recently put a number of Philips G4 LED lights in fixtures (after replacing the transformer and dimmer, the latter for a Zigbee model). The Philips G4 LED lights turned out to be completely out of order. They need a higher dimmer setting to start, after which they can be dimmed. Two scenes and automation created in Home Assistant which, when the light is on, first sets the dimmer setting to a higher value, before resetting it to the lower dimmer settings (with a slight delay between these two actions). So the light is much brighter when it starts up, but the lights are already on. †

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