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Caliber logo (75px) Version 6.9.0 of Caliber has been released. The open source e-book manager is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Among other things, it can search for all relevant information and cover images, and convert e-books to make them suitable for different types of e-readers. Moreover, the software can convert newspapers, magazines, and news articles based on RSS feeds into eBook format. Books with Caliber can also be purchased from well-known web stores.

in Version 6.0 Among other things, it has been switched to Qt 6. However, this means that the program only works on computers with a 64-bit processor and requires a minimum of Windows 10 or macOS 11. Moreover, it is now possible to search all books in library instead of just the current book, and there are also versions for Arm and Apple Silicon processors. The following changes and improvements are also made in this fourth update:

New features

  • E-Book Viewer: When exporting highlights as plain text, include titles from chapters at all levels, not just the first.
  • Book Editing: Reports: View the word count for each file in the Files section of the report
  • Windows builds: Register DLL files as well as EXE files to make Microsoft’s new Smart Application Control happy.
  • Send via email: When adding comments, add a string as well.
  • Nook Driver: Put files in NOOK / Books instead of NOOK / My Files on newer nook devices so they are all listed in one place in the NOOK UI. Ticket closing: 1,990,730
  • calibredb list: allow a template to be used as one of the returned fields.
  • Tag Browser: Add context menu action to turn on/off subcategory

Bug fixes

  • Merge Books: Fixed the title type that was not updated when the title was updated. Ticket closing: 1996802
  • Content Server Viewer: fixed incorrect sorting of highlights in the same paragraph.
  • Content Server Renderer: When exporting highlights as text, include chapter headings.
  • Improved the display of separator handle points introduced in the previous version.
  • Edit Book: Fixed a regression in the previous version causing any container update application to mark all opened image editors as modified.
  • Fixed a regression in the previous version that caused book details to be copied to the clipboard to use unix line endings on windows.

Improved news sources

  • bloomberg
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Spectator Magazine
  • New York times
  • Hindu
  • MIT Technology Review

6.0 caliber

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