Super Mario copes with Italian situations

Sniff left in Germany

Not the big winner SPD, but the smaller winners The Greens and the liberal FDP have the key to forming a cabinet in Germany. Both are progressive parties, but there are also significant differences. Bernard Hummelberg talks about this with FDP Bundestock member Otto Freak. The outcome of the elections will affect relations in Europe anyway. Matthew Seckers, Professor of European History and Integration at Maastricht University.

Sniff left in Germany

Olaf Scholz (SPD), the big winner in the German electionImego Images / Phototech

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Europa update

With German elections behind us, Europe can also participate. “After this historic crisis, there is no time to lose: Europe needs a strong and reliable partner in Berlin,” European Parliament Speaker David Sassoli tweeted. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez welcomed the victory of his Social Democratic brother Scholes. However, it is unclear which way Germany will go under the new president. You ask Europe reporter Stephen de Vries.

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American Podcast

An important week for President Biden. He did everything he could to prevent the strike. Democrats and Republicans are actively negotiating, but not relentlessly. Wednesday night was a baseball game for congressmen. A Tradition in American Politics. This is what American correspondent John Postma said.

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