Smartest viewers outraged at Jip's wasting time: ``Must be banned'

Smartest viewers outraged at Jip’s wasting time: “Must be banned’

Anniko van Santen wins again in this episode, with Jip and Roos facing each other in the final. It quickly becomes an exciting battle that looks like Jip is on top. But when she has to give another answer that belongs to the word “pupil,” things go wrong.

Then it’s Roos’ turn and she can knock out Jip with three correct answers. However, she knows absolutely nothing about Princess Charlene of Monaco. At the end you have to pass five seconds left on the clock. You might think the apple egg is for Jip, but he doesn’t know anything about Charlene. Thus, the sine will still remain and remain until she has four seconds. Then Philip Fredericks asked her about the Spotify music platform. With the word “music” it’s done instantly and so Roos has to go home.

Viewers call it home more often, but there are also many complaints in this episode about the time stretch the smartest person. “By the way, this episode proves once again that the seconds rule should be banned,” one says angrily. “However, this is unmathematical,” says another exhibitor of the Popular Knowledge Contest. Someone else says, “Really, they should block this hassle in those seconds.”

The viewer offers a good alternative to the rule: “After 10 or 15 seconds of not giving a correct answer, the turn ends automatically. It solves the problem of capturing seconds.

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