Smartest Man launches with more viewers than previous series |  show

Smartest Man launches with more viewers than previous series | show

The first episode of the new season of smartest person It drew 1.9 million viewers on Monday. The knowledge test with Philip Freriks and Maarten van Rossem should only tolerate Achtuurjournaal in the list of best-watched shows.

Kick-off, in which actor Jacob Derwig participated (bosom), political reporter Marieki Smits (WNL) and columnist Yesim Candan (RTL Nieuws) competed against each other, attracting slightly more viewers than the opening episodes of the previous two seasons. Then 1.6 and 1.7 million people watched the first episode.

For the first time in three seasons, there was an audience in the studio again. Martin van Rossem missed the audience’s absence. I thought it was a shame, after all, it’s a form of entertainment what we do. It’s good to play Hamlet but when no one is looking it’s a little strange.” Philip Frix replied with the words: “It’s nice when there is little reaction.” To which van Rossum nodded in the affirmative. ,,, delicately.


Van Rossum got As in the old days All kinds of stickers are self-adhesive. He was called Wijsgeer of Wageningen and champion of Olympic knowledge, referring to a question about Sifan Hassan. In the end, Yesim Kandan had to leave the game. The winner of the day was Derwig.

Final last summer who Comedian Lisa Loeb won, attracting nearly 2 million viewers. Incidentally, that was well short of the 2020 Winter Series final. This final, won by Rob Kemps, was watched by 3.2 million people.

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