Slack instantly adjusts Connect DM feature due to risk of harassment – IT Pro – News

Slack has discontinued a new feature that allows users to message anyone. The platform released Connect DMs this week, making it possible to send every Slack user an invitation with a message. However, that can lead to intimidation.

The modification will follow a few hours after the introduction of the new feature. This feature is Connect DM, which is part of Slack Connect It was announced last year. Slack Connect allows two different Slack servers to be linked to each other, for example by creating channels where users link from one server as well as from the other. Wed introduced Slack Big change in this system. With Connect DMs, it is possible to send an invitation to every Slack user to have a conversation, including a personal message.

Users Find out soon That this system was easy to misuse. The sender can place any potential message in an invitation, which is then sent directly to the recipient’s email inbox. Emails also cannot be filtered because they come from the public [email protected] address and there is no limit to the number of emails a user can send.

Slack adapted the feature after criticizing the user. The company wrote, “We have received a lot of comments from users about how to use the new feature to send offensive and intimidating messages.” In response to Techcrunch. It will be impossible to add messages to an invitation. The feature will be a choice for administrators, generally allowing them to enable or disable Connect DMs for their entire organization.

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