Six Dutch equestrian athletes have qualified for the World Cup finals in Omaha

The Dutch delegation to the World Cup finals in Omaha, USA, will consist of six equestrian athletes next week. Dinja van Liere, Marieke van der Putten, Thamar Zweistra, Harrie Smolders, Jur Vrieling and Sam Dos Santos participate during the indoor season finale.

Dressage riders Van Lier (32) and Van der Putten (40) made their debuts in an FEI World Cup Final. For Zwistra (40) this is their second consecutive final.

Van Lier and her horse Hermès NOP are among the medal contenders. The fourth-place finisher in the world rankings won two bronze medals at the World Cup last year and won the World Cup qualifiers in Amsterdam and Mechelen.

Jumper Smulders and his horse Monaco NOP can also score high. The 42-year-old, who has competed in the World Cup final five times before, is ranked fifth in the world rankings. Vrieling (53) ranks 19th on the world list.

16-year-old Dos Santos competes in vaulting (gymnastics on a horse) competition. The 2021 Junior World Champion finished fifth in the Senior World Cup last year.

Source: National Ports Agency

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