Sandra Timmerman (57) werd getroffen door een hersenbloeding, haar toestand is kritiek. (Foto: RTV Oost / Jan Colijn)

Singer Sandra Timmerman suffers brain haemorrhage: critical condition

A family spokeswoman confirmed this.

while driving

The Oldenzaal singer suddenly became ill while driving last week. Since then, her condition has become life-threatening.

TV Documentary

Sandra received a lot of respect last month with her performance in a documentary about the turbulent lives of her and her parents. It was one of the most watched TV shows of the night.

“A life full of ups and downs,” is how Sandra describes her life. She faced a religious frenzy, a victim of abuse and herself a singer. She formed the music duo with her sister, Sheila.


In 2018, Circuskind’s book was published. She described the book as “a temporary review of my life so far”. The title of the book was deliberately chosen: “Always smile to the outside world as if everything is fine. Do your trick, on tiptoe, and balance.”

She also discussed on Circuskind her father’s abuse in her youth. “It’s just a part of my life. I didn’t choose it, but I’m burdened with it,” she said in an interview with RTV Oost. “Take it with you, always with you.”

“Anything but boring”

However, Timmerman has always stated that her childhood “wasn’t all bleak and gloomy.” “Anything was not boring.”

Timmerman has three children and many grandchildren, and she proudly told RTV Oost in 2018. “I am very happy and very rich in this regard. I am very optimistic about the future.” She recently announced that she wants to work in a new profession.

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