Jan Rot (tweede van rechts) samen met o.a. Marjolein Meijers op Lowlands in 2008.

Singer Jan Ruth, 63, has a terminal illness

Singer, songwriter and translator Jan Root, who lives in Rotterdam, is terminally ill. He announced this today on his Facebook page.

In early May, a large tumor was removed from the singer’s stomach and intestines. Examination this week showed that he had so many metastases that he was no longer able to improve. Root writes, “How much time left for me will automatically become apparent. It’s very unrealistic. I’m physically tired quickly, but other than that I have a little trouble.”

Jan Ruth has been composing music since 1978 and primarily performing solo since 1982, with largely his own work, initially in English, and later in Dutch. In 2000 he began translating and translating world and classical musical works into Dutch, which earned him much recognition. He also collected several hundred of those translations; Last year and this year in two powerful books. Together with Brenny’s ex Margoline Myers, he made his translations under the name An + Jan.

The singer is not thinking of stopping at the moment. “I’ll keep performing until I fall, just hope I start the song show ‘OK Boomer’ in September and in the meantime I learn to accept the hammer blow of my lovely family with lots of love, peace and a bit of gallows humor. Just like the blow to friends, family, fans and followers.”

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