Sim de Jong returns to De Grafschap after seventeen years |  sports

Sim de Jong returns to De Grafschap after seventeen years | sports

Wassim de Jong (33) will play with de Grafschap next season. The attacking midfielder or striker returns to the old nest after seventeen years.

De Jong signs a one-year contract with FC Doetinchem from Keuken Kampioen division with an option for another year. The six-time international comes without a transfer from Heerenveen.

With De Jong, the older brother of Luuk who had already played in the main team of De Graafschap, Superboeren brought in a player with an impressive resume. De Jong has played for Ajax, PSV, Newcastle United, Sydney FC (Australia), FC Cincinnati in America and Heerenveen.

With Ajax he became the Dutch champion four times and in 2012 and 2013 he was the top scorer of the Amsterdam club.

second big name

After Alexander Buettner, De Jong was the second “big name” that attracted De Graafschap. So is the second player with roots in Doetinchem. De Jong started in the youth academy at Doetinchem’s amateur club DZC’68 and was joined by De Graafschap in 2001. At the age of 16 he left for Ajax in 2005, where he made his debut in the main force in 2007 under coach Henk Ten Kit.

De Jong has been with Heerenveen since December 2020. He scored four goals in Friesland in 46 matches.

“We are very pleased with the arrival of Siem,” says Technical Director Peter Bijvelds of De Graafschap. We get Sim as an attacking midfielder, not as a striker. If it’s true it feels like playing in multiple positions.”

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Bijvelds believes he brought in an important player with De Jong. , of course because it still has a lot of added value individually. But also because the good young players that De Graafschap has can be of more help. We think Sim is very important at that.”

Bijvelds continues: “Siem could have chosen from many clubs, but he chose us consciously. It also helped that Mees Siers (Assistant Coach De Graafschap, RW) knew him well.”

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