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Signal introduces a new ‘Thread’ feature where users can see all previous replies to a particular post in one list. The new functionality is currently only available for the Android version of the chat service.

Users can already reply directly to previous messages in Signal, such as WhatsApp and iMessage. On the other hand, this can become confusing when, for example, several direct responses to different messages are given in a group chat. to The new feature Signal Android users can click the text cloud next to a message when multiple direct responses are received. Then a thread opens with only relevant messages from that “sub-conversation”.

By the way, it is not possible to give a new answer to the original message from the topic overview, so Android Police . confirms† Currently, the user must reply to the original message by himself. It is not clear if this feature will reach Signal at a later time. The chat service also does not disclose if and when the threading functionality will be ported to the Signal version on iPhone and Windows.

Image via Signal / Twitter

Update, 21.03.2020: The message erroneously claimed that users should still search for thread source messages themselves. this is not true; One can go directly to the original message via the thread to reply to the message outside the topic screen.

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