Sick Ruby to US for life-saving measures |  Weekly for Order Amstel

Sick Ruby to US for life-saving measures | Weekly for Order Amstel

Ruby, who hails from the east of Amsterdam, has a good development now: she is now in the US for surgery! Ruby is only 25 years old and has been seriously ill for 12 years. That was half of her young life! So the life of Ruby and her cousin has turned upside down for more than 12 years. The ignorance of his rare hereditary conditions, doctors, schools and other institutions has devastated them physically, emotionally, socially and financially in recent years.

If the conditions are not corrected, her condition will worsen and eventually death will occur. Emotionally it is difficult. He has already stated many times that he cannot and does not want to live like this, and that if there is no solution, he will choose euthanasia.

Ruby’s body naturally produces very little connective tissue so that her cervical spines can no longer support her head. Her cervical spines are small and slender. The upper cervical vertebrae contract, resulting in entanglement of the brainstem and jugular vein. Conclusion: A totally confused autonomic nervous system, which causes a variety of neurological (pain) complaints, often nerve damage.

Fortunately, the first step towards a better life can now finally be taken! She is now in the US with her mother for the 1st operation there! It is still questionable whether the 2nd required function can be followed after about a month because the total required amount has not been reached yet. Now 3 is available for more than 173,000, but in total, 000 200,000 is required. We hope to reach that level within a month of the first surgery.

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Ruby’s mother says: “There are still about 27,000 missing, and we hope this amount will be available soon. This will save us a lot of anxiety and stress. We have enough money for travel, shelter, and further research. It is important that the operations are performed correctly on each other to achieve Ruby’s health and its effect. “

Ruby and her mother will stay in the United States for two months. His mother continues: “We hope we will not fly back until two months after having surgery on his neck and lower back. Help Ruby get his life back. He has survived so long. We need to work together!”.

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