Sibel Ogdler won the Eos Pipette 2022

Not all plastic collected with the blue bag is recycled. This is less than a third of all plastic packaging in Europe. Moreover, recycling still often means recycling: a lot of plastic can only be used for garbage bags. Polymer chemist Sibel Augdoler (University of Ghent) wants to close the plastic cycle and make recycling cheaper.

Ogdollar has devised a new method for breaking down the polymer layers in plastic packaging. Using special solvent techniques, it can quickly dissolve the adhesive that binds the layers and completely restore each layer. I also found a useful way to remove the color of the plastic.

Today, Ogdollar works with colleagues, plastics companies and food producers on a pilot plant to dismantle and remove ink. The goal is to show the processes you have developed on a larger scale to the companies.

Award-Winning Scientific Journal eos The Youth Academy is currently the most promising young researcher. A jury of experts led by Chairman Stephen Lauris Agdollar has chosen the winner. The audience award goes to Neurologist Cagatay Aydin (KU Leuven).

Ügdüler He receives work for plastic artist Nicholas Pines, a member of the Youth Academy.

These are the winners:

– neurologist Çağatay Aydin (KU Leuven) charts how the brain processes sensory information about ourselves and others, and how they can learn about society.

– biologist Michael Nikolai (Ghent University) conducts experimental research on the evolutionary benefits of color in animals.

– psychologist Eleanor Small (Ghent University) is looking at the memory systems involved in language acquisition, and how we learn a foreign language faster.

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– Chemical Sibel Agdollar (Ghent University) is developing ways to recycle plastic packaging at a cheaper rate and at a higher quality.

– Historian Marjoline van Pavel (University of Antwerp) examines the historical role of women in the world of boxing and wrestling.

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