Shownieuws begins by correcting Sneijder: "It's so stupid it went wrong"

Shownieuws begins by correcting Sneijder: “It’s so stupid it went wrong”

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Shownieuws apologizes Wesley Schneider
Shownieuws was very upset on Wednesday. The program showed pictures of a fight with which Wesley Schneider was linked, but it appears that the former footballer did not participate at all. So Shownieuws had to open Thursday’s broadcast with a correction.

“We showed pictures of a disorder involving Andre Heyze and Wesley Schneider,” the broadcaster says. “Something went wrong when we started this video. The wrong head was circled, giving you the impression that he dealt a blow and took it seriously. Wesley tried to block the fight. It’s so stupid it went wrong. That’s why we generously say: Sorry Wesley Schneider.”

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