“Shorts are fine, but these are not really appropriate for work.”

“Shorts are fine, but these are not really appropriate for work.”

With the summer temperatures soaring, the question always arises, what to wear to work? Because those pants are actually possible? Read what the Netherlands has to say in this article.

“One shouldn’t be too naked in a regular office,” says etiquette expert Anne-Marie Van Legelo. “Especially with the heat, we want to keep it breathable. The advice is: Don’t wear clothes that are too tight. More space, more ventilation. But not too exposed, and I mean that literally, from toes to shoulders.”

This is something the Netherlands also broadly agrees with, although we are a little more generous on some points. It turns out that 69 percent of Heart of HollandThe committee finds it acceptable for someone to come into the office wearing shorts. Only 38% said that this was unacceptable, and 6% did not answer.

What clothes are not allowed in the office?

So shorts are acceptable for most people, and short dresses (78 percent) and sandals (70 percent) are also acceptable by a large majority. The Hawaiian shirt is actually considered tasteless by a greater number of people (53 percent acceptable).

Other outfits aren’t really possible, if it were up to Holland. And so is the swing you did not65% of people think so. The majority also find cropped shirts, open backs and tracksuits unacceptable.

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