Shopkeeper kicks customer after fight over rotten egg

Shopkeeper kicks customer after fight over rotten egg

The 62-year-old owner of the SN store, who lives in the Bakkieweg area of ​​Latour station, was arrested by the police on Tuesday, July 2.

The store owner is suspected of kicking a customer that day after an argument over a rotten egg, causing the victim’s teeth to break.

The initial investigation revealed that the complainant, A.M., bought two eggs from the shop owner, and upon returning home, he noticed that one of them was spoiled.

AM sent his sister to replace the egg or ask the store owner for a refund. SN didn’t want to hear that, the Suriname Police Force said. He threw the egg that was in the sandwich bag and chased the woman out of the store.

The woman returned home and went back to the store with her brother A.M. An argument broke out between the two men, during which A.M. took a pumpkin from the store and walked away.

The store owner chased the customer and took the pumpkin from him, after which SN kicked the customer several times. This resulted in one of the victim’s teeth being broken.

The police were called and went to the scene to investigate. The shop owner was handcuffed and taken to the police station for trial.

SN After coordination with the Public Prosecution Office in Suriname by the police The insuredThe investigation is ongoing.

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